Press Release

Wayne Fueling Systems’ Fuel Pump Technology a Winner at New Travel Centre


A new Australian travel centre has raised the bar for the fuel retailing industry by unveiling state-of-the-art slim-line fuel bowsers that provide faster, safer, and cleaner refueling facilities for customers.  Puma Energy's Kempsey Travel Centre in Kempsey, Australia opened in May 2015.  The station is offering Wayne Fueling Systems’ (Wayne’s) modern refueling technology to their customers because heavy vehicle drivers are frequently forced to use lower quality equipment, despite using large quantities of fuel.

Wayne Fueling Systems’ Australia Regional Sales Manager, Shaun Napier, said the Wayne Helix™ fuel dispensers that were installed on-site had helped Puma to deliver an industry-leading service centre where all customers could have a high-quality refueling experience whether they were on the retail forecourt or the truck canopy forecourt.

"The basic, industrial equipment typically available to truckers is no more.  Thanks to our Helix fuel dispensers, they can now experience the same ease and convenience available to drivers using the retail forecourt," Napier said.  "Bringing this kind of technology to the industry by no means was an easy task. We undertook extensive research to understand the needs of fuel consumers including interviewing motorists, station owners, technicians, pump buyers, and more.   Coupled with nearly 125 years of experience and knowledge in the retail fuel industry, this allowed us to accurately identify the design and functionality needed and what would make all fuel customers' lives easier.”

Puma Energy Kempsey service station owner Satti Singh said customer feedback on the new site and its facilities had been nothing but positive.  "Customers have been incredibly supportive, and we have been receiving compliments almost daily on the look and functionality of our site and refueling facilities.  In particular, we have had a lot of positive comments on the quality of our diesel pumps, as well as the availability of diesel which we offer at every fueling bay across the truck and light vehicle forecourt."  Customers can expect to experience the Helix fuel pump facilities in more locations, as Puma Energy continues the rollout of its fuel retail network in New South Wales and Australia.

07.08.2015 11:02:26