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Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) Installs Wayne Helix™ Fuel Dispensers in Innovation Stations

  • PTT’s new conceptual innovation stations will introduce the Wayne iX Media™ platform and Wayne iX Pay™ secure payment platform in a historic step towards automation.
  • These are the first installations of Wayne Helix™ 5000 fuel dispensers on the PTT network.

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – April 10, 2017 – Wayne Fueling Systems (“Wayne”), a part of Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”) and a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations, announced today the collaboration with PTT to create conceptual innovation stations to increase customers’ fueling experience.

With their future model stations, PTT is leading the vision to innovate retail gas stations in Thailand and elevate the customer experience. In December 2016, PTT opened the first innovation station in Wang Noi as a pilot site to test various new technologies.

“We awarded this innovation station to Wayne due to the technology leadership and sleek, stylish design of the Wayne Helix fuel dispenser. PTT’s aim is to draw more customers with the clean fueling experience, and cross-selling different products with the big media screen offered with Wayne iX Media 10.4-inch display,” said Surachai Damrongkiatisak, vice president of service station engineering at PTT.

Although the Wang Noi station is not the first station to install Helix fuel dispensers, it is the first station in Thailand that also incorporates the iX Pay secure payment platform and Wayne Xflo™ fuel meter in the Helix 5000 fuel dispenser. With this, PTT takes a historic step towards self-service stations enabling payment security and reducing fuel loss.

“We see an increased trend with oil companies creating more customer-centric fuel stations, and we are happy that many of them choose Helix fuel dispensers. Currently we have Helix fuel dispensers installed in more than 50 countries worldwide, and we are adding countries as we speak,” says Lise-Lotte Nordholm, director of global dispenser products at Wayne.

4/10/2017 12:00:00 AM