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Wayne Fueling Systems to Upgrade 10,000 fuel dispensers to EMV® Compliance for Kroger

AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 11, 2016 - Wayne Fueling Systems (“Wayne”), a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations, has entered into an agreement with Kroger for the EMV upgrade of 10,000 fuel dispensers in more than 2,100 sites across the U.S. Under this agreement, Wayne will provide the new Wayne iX Pay™ T7 secure payment terminal retrofit kit for many of their legacy fuel dispensers in the field, regardless of original equipment manufacturer; EMV card readers; the Wayne Connect™ IP-485® network solution; jade boards; and other iX Pay secure payment platform upgrades for non-PCI locations.

EMV is the global standard created by EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa to securely authenticate credit and debit card transactions, which helps reduce counterfeit payment card fraud. “We are excited to help Kroger deploy EMV in the US region with our Wayne solution. Kroger has been an exceptional customer and we look forward to building this relationship even further,” said Bill Reichhold, Wayne’s VP of North America.

For this project, Wayne will provide full turnkey deployment, including project management, materials, planning, logistics, and installation services. CTO for Kroger, Kirk Ball, said, “We selected Wayne because of their comprehensive solution that can be applied to all fuel points, regardless of dispenser brand.” To be ready for payment network EMV requirements, fuel retailers are encouraged to upgrade outdoor pay-at-the-pump equipment.

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10/11/2016 12:00:00 AM