Path to EMV Compliance

Make the transition to EMV easier with Wayne EMV Solutions.

The payment card fraud liability shift is quickly approaching, and Wayne can help make sure you’re ready with simple and cost-effective solutions. On your own or with your Wayne distributor, use this tool to help identify your path to becoming EMV-compliant!

Select your path

Use of this tool is for informational purposes only, intended to offer recommendations and suggestions. Please contact your local Wayne distributor for a complete and accurate site survey and evaluation.

What fuel dispenser model do you have installed on your site?

Do you accept payment at the fuel dispenser?

What payment platform do you have on your fuel dispenser?

Do you have secure payment module (SPM) keypads installed on your dispenser?

Do you have an EMV chip card reader installed on the dispenser?

Do you have media enabled on your fuel dispenser?

Do you have high-speed internet connectivity out to your fuel dispenser?

What point-of-sale (POS) system do you have?

How old is your Wayne Nucleus point-of-sale (POS) system?

These recommendations represent your path to EMV

These are other topics you may want to discuss with your Wayne Distributor.

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